Friday, April 01, 2005


Do You Ever Wonder Why Bush is Pro Tort Reform?

Bushes stance on tort reform may go deeper than many think. Beyond protecting doctors and insurance companies, Bush's tort reform will protect drug manufacturers. They will need this protection as millions of kids are put on dope by Bush and Company.

Bush has been planning to dope your kids since he was Governor of Texas. The plan, called the Texas Medication Algorithm Project has already been tested in prisons in Texas and Pennsylvania. This project is designed to screen school kids for mental health and then medicate kids with antidepressents. Once this project is unveiled nationwide, Bush needs to protect the doctors, the insurance companies and big pharmaceutical firms from high damages they may pay when little Johnny is put on Zoloft and then goes on a shooting rampage at school.

Hah, and the public thought Bush stayed quiet about the Red Lake Reservation shootings because Bush didn't want to offend the NRA. He is probably more concerned because the shooter, Jeff Weise, was on Prozac in spite of serious doubts about the safety of Prozac for children. Too much attention on Jeff Weise would have gotten in the way of Bush's plans to dope your kids for fun and profit.


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