Monday, April 04, 2005


Bush's "I Hope He Shuts Up Medal"

It is no secret that the Pope was against the war in Iraq, calling it a "defeat for humanity." In response, Bush awarded the Pope the "I Hope He Shuts Up Medal" formerly known as the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Bush also hanged this medal around the neck of Paul Bremmer, who somehow managed to lose about 8 billion US tax dollars somewhere in Iraq and then came home bellyaching about Bush's failure to provide enough troops to secure the country. He piped down pretty quick once he was given the "I Hope He Shuts Up Medal."

The same medal was given to General Tommy Franks, who returned from Iraq with a book deal. Franks tiptoed around some of the failures in Iraq in his book, American Soldier, but quickly toed the party line and became a big supporter of the Bush/Cheney '04 ticket, even after supposedly telling Senator Bob Graham that diverting attention from Afghanistan in Iraq had reduced the war on terror to nothing more than a manhunt.

Of course, George Tenet received the "I Hope He Shuts Up Medal" too, after taking all of the blame for the failed intelligence on WMDs and covering for Bush on his lack of response to the threats that proceeded 9/11.

Now that the Pope is out of the picture and Bush can laud praises all he wants, but everyone knows they disagreed on Iraq. Anyone watching TV saw how uncomfortable Bush was in the Pope's presence. It is hard to be around a holy man when you are defying his wishes for humanity.

The former US Envoy to the Vatican, Jim Nicholson, now claims that Bush and the Pope had forged a close bond over the "culture of life" issue. Actually, I call BS on this. The "culture of life" is a catch-all phrase the Bush administration has created to make anyone who opposes anything they do a supporter of the "culture of death." Bush and his minions blathered on and on about erring on the side of life, using Terri Schiavo as their mascot. Yet the Pope decided to disconnect his tubes, leave the hospital and return to the Vatican to die peacefully. So only a moron would think that the Pope valued a life connected to tubes more than a dignified death. It is time for Bush and Friends to leave the Pope out of it.

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