Thursday, March 31, 2005


President Bush's Terri Alert, I Mean Terror Alert...Bush Uses Schiavo's Death to Bring Up 9/11

Within a scant one hundred words of his condolence speech to the Schiavo family, President Bush used Terri's death as a segue to 9/11.

Here is the President's quote.

"The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak. In cases where there are serious doubts and questions, the presumption should be in favor of life. The most solemn duty of the American President is to protect the American people. Since September 11, 2001..........

The President went on to pepper his speech with these choice words:

threat(s) ( used 6 times)
different kind of enemy
weapons of mass destruction
Libya's nuclear and missile programs
dangerous nuclear proliferation network
lives of our citizens at stake
emerging threats
war on terror
protect America
weapons of mass murder
dangerous regimes
tens of thousands of innocent lives
dangerous new century
hard work/difficult work (used 6 times)

Damn it all, I was hoping "hard work" would trump "threats" but they came in dead-even.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Weird Protest Signs at Schiavo's Hospice

A woman protesting outside Schiavo's hospice held a homemade sign that said this:

Della Reece (spelling error)
Barbara Bush
Do an Esther.

Can anyone explain the meaning of this sign? Is she asking Oprah and Babs to do synchronized swimming while Della Reese belts out, "Don't You Know"?

What is "doing an Esther"? Answers, please!

Only in Florida Could a Man Sued for Child Abuse be Appointed by Bush as Ambassador to Italy!

Mel Sembler, Ambassador to Italy, is still being stalked by a man claiming to have been abused at Sembler's drug rehab facility, Straight, over twenty years ago.

Sembler and his wife Betty founded Straight, a "tough love" program to get kids off of drugs. Jeb Bush thought Sembler's program was so cool he named a day as "Betty Sembler Day." Bush Sr. awarded Sembler the Thousand Points of Light award, whatever the heck that is.

In reality, Semblers tough love program turned out to be tough stuff for Sembler and the unfortunate kids who were placed into a Straight program. Dozens of lawsuits have been filed by Straight victims who claimed they were beaten, held hostage, forced to sit in their menstrual blood, had objects shoved up their rectums, and endured this treatment until they pronounced they were "straight and feeling great." Millions of dollars have been paid to victims of this sadistic treament.

Richard Bradbury, a former Straight inductee who claims Sembler's program ruined his life, is still obsessed with Sembler, and stalks him by rifling through his trash.
Bradbury recovered a penis pump from Sembler's trash and held it for ransom, demanding $700,000 for the pump. When Sembler refused to pay up, Bradbury placed the penis pump on eBay for $30,000.

Sembler's past became news again when Italian reporter, Guiliana Sgrena, was ambushed by US military forces, leaving her wounded and a man protecting her dead. Our Ambassador to Italy turns out to be a Florida man who operated boot camps for kids like GITMO. I guess this makes the Italians not quite sure about Bush's "compassionate" America, when Bush rewards accused torturers with plumb positions like Ambassador to Italy.

Strange how major events surrounding the President always tie back to Florida. 9/11 hijackers attended a flight school in Florida, Terri Schiavo's debacle is taking place in Florida, election rigging was pulled off in Florida. What next?

“Freedom is a dangerous thing, and you might be exposed to things you don’t want to hear,”

Here comes more scary legislation from that wacky state of Florida. Representative Dennis Baxley has introduced the Academic Freedom Bill of Rights. The bill gives students the right to sue professors who are "leftist totalitarians" and "dictators" in the classroom. If a professor refuses to "respect a student's beliefs," he or she may be sued by the student.

Don't be "dissin" me prof, or my daddy will sue your ass! I signed up for this course in evolution to take over your classroom and spout off 'bout the Bible. If you don't like it, too bad! Stop trying to indoctrinate my ass on Darwin. I'm taking over this course, you dictator!!!! Show me some respect!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Delay's Hypocrisy is Not Freaky! Freaky is What Tom Delay's Daddy Did to Himself and His Family

Blogs and online news sites are pouncing on the story about Tom Delay's family pulling the plug on Tom's dad. The fact that the Delay family faced this life or death decision and chose death should come as no surprise. By now we all know that Delay is one of the biggest liars, hypocrits and thieves to walk the planet.

What does surprise me about this story is the careful handling of what led the Delay family to the tragic decision to pull the plug on Charles Delay. The LA Times refers to the accident that left Tom's dad a vegetable as a "freak accident."

I may be mincing words here, but it was not a freak accident.
A freak accident is one where a person is minding their own business and suddenly a tree falls on their head or a meteor crashes to earth and smashes them. You know, something totally unexpected, unavoidable and bizarre.

Tom's dad, Charles, was left in a vegetative state while attempting to do something really stupid. You see, Charles and his brother Jerry decided they would build a trolley in their garage to hurl them and their families two hundred feet down a steep slope to a lake. They piled into their homemade trolley with their wives to embark on the trolley's maiden voyage.

Seconds into the ride the trolley jumped its tracks, slamming Charles Delay headfirst into a tree. This was no freak accident; this was an accident waiting to happen. Today, something this idiotic would be on the television show, Jackass, with tons of disclaimers to viewers urging them not to try this at home.

The ensuing lawsuit the Delay family filed, trying to blame others for Charles' idiotic idea to build a theme park style ride in his backyard, speaks more about Delay's hypocrisy than the family's decision to pull the plug.

Delay, champion of Bush's "personal responsibility" crusade, does not have a word to say about the three-year lawsuit his family pursued, hoping to place the trolley crash blame on manufacturer of one of the parts Daddy Delay used to build his weird contraption.

Nor does Delay speak a word about his family's case when he and Bush pushed tort reform through here in Texas. The Delay family sued for all sorts of punitive damages, emotional distress, deprivation of companionship, etc. The very damages that Delay and Bush Gang have limited in future lawsuits here in Texas.

Texas tort reform limits legitimate non-economic awards to families who are tragically destroyed through the direct fault of corporate or medical screw ups. Did visions of Charles Delay dance through Tom's head when he decided that plaintiffs must be stupid and therefore undeserving of punitive awards? Come on Tom, spill the beans.

Ooops, sorry Tom. I just learned from Buzzflash that the reason you do not talk about the past is that you divorced yourself from your mother and your siblings years ago. The family values guy won't even talk to his own family. I guess he keeps them as deep in the closet as he can.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Jeb's Kidnapping Attempts Foiled

Yesterday, a red-faced and visibly agitated Jeb Bush went on TV to "correct" the media's misstatements about possible Jeb intervention in the Schiavo case. Jeb said he had no intention of overstepping his authority.

For a moment it appeared to be a move by Jeb to separate himself from the "Rovian" plot to mount Jeb on a white horse and storm the hospice .

In reality, before Jeb appeared on TV, his white horse agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) had phoned Pinellas police and informed them they were on their way to take Terri. This department answers to Jeb, and they arrived at the hospice, only to face a showdown with the local police.

Local police refused to hand over Terri to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This prompted Jeb to go on TV to head rumors off at the pass. Jeb claimed to respect the constitution and his limits of authority.

If not for the Pinellas police intervention, Jeb's TV appearance would have been entirely different. He would have been wearing a knight's suit of armor as Bill Frist reinserted Terri's feeding tube based on instructions read to him by Tom Delay. Karen Hughes would have been on hand to ensure Muslims that we are a compassionate nation. "Brand America" would have been off to a great start, if not for those pesky judges and that quaint old constitution.

Instead, Jeb has agreed to rename the Flordia Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The department will now be called the Florida Law Enforcement Department (FLED). FLED was chosen to honor the officers for splitting the showdown scene quickly enough to avoid the television cameras, sparing Jeb the grandest embarrassment of all times.

Rumsfeld Remains in Persistent Befuddled State

Rumsfeld remains in a persistent befuddled state. When he learned that Hugo Chavez was purchasing 100,000 AK-47s from Russia, his only visible response was head scratching. Then, when he was able to muster up a few unintelligible thoughts, he verbalized them with this statement:

"I can't imagine what's going to happen to 100,000 AK-47s." Lamenting the plight of the AK-47s was confusing at best. Is Rumsfeld worried the guns will be mistreated? Tortured? Disappeared? Suicided? Rendered?

Oh, I get it. He says he is worried the guns will fall into the wrong hands! You mean like the 47 guns here in the US that were legally sold to suspected terrorists! Yes folks, you can be on the FBI terrorist watch list and still legally buy guns in the US as long as you have not been charged with a felony or are not deemed "mentally defective." So terrorists of sound mind and misdemeanors can frolic around with assault rifles all day long!

Meanwhile, Bush promised to "sell" Pakistan a dozen F-16 fighter jets as a show of appreciation for their support in the war on terror. Can't wait to hear Rumsfeld's befuddled comments on this one.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


A Reader's Contribution, Remember What Happens inTexas is Part of the Bush Band's World Tour of Death and Destruction

Read comment # 8 under the Schiavo story. You will learn what has been going on here in Texas that is part of Tom "The Cockroach" Delay's and "Florence Nightmare" Bush's plan for the new order.

The Schiavo case has united America. Recent polls say 82% want Congress to butt out of this case. Finally, the old Republican party of "less government" is speaking out in polls. The right-wingnuts are now saying, "Well, out of all of this, Americans have learned the importance of a living will." How lame. I thought the Bush Gang hated lawyers. If this is the best gain they get, they are in deep caca.

MSNBC talked today about the parallels of Schiavo and Jesus dying on the cross. A talking head said, "Wouldn't it be ironic if Terri died on Good Friday?"

Actually, no. This would not be ironic. If Terri Schiavo dies on Good Friday I would seriously question the whereabouts of Karl Rove. Boy Genuis is not used to losing, and this Rovian plot has seemed to backfire.

Rebulican Died in Movie Star's Home From Hillbilly Heroin and Flake Overdose

The dead man, R. Gregory Stevens was a Republican operative, working for a big-time Republican PR firm at the time of his drug overdose in Carrie Fisher's home. He was staying with Carrie to party and attend the Academy Awards ceremony. His firm is a cast of super-duper Republican heavy hitters, yet this story is buried.

R. Gregory Stevens worked for the PR firm, Barbour, Griffith & Rogers. This firm is a who's-who list of big-time Republican operatives, many who served for Bush before joining the firm. These are big, big fish, the kind that make Bobby Eberle and Talon News look like small freaking potatoes.

Check out their website and you will see that partners in the firm are former Ambassadors under Bush, policy advisors for foreign affairs for Bush, Deputy Assistants to Bush, Deputy Assistants to HUD and the list goes on and on. These guys are so connected to Bush that one of them flew on Air Force One with Bush during campaign '04. He also served as Bush's Presidential Envoy to Iraq. Haley Barbour was a former RNC chair, just like Poppy Bush, and was elected as Governor of Mississippi in '04.

How many heavy-duty Clinton operatives could go to Carrie Fisher's home, attend a star-studded party and then die of an overdose in her home without a peep from the media? David Corn and the Washington Times reported the overdose yesterday.
Other than that, not a word.

According to Fisher, Stevens was "in good shape" the night of his death. I bet! Enough flake and Oxycontin would make anyone look to be "in good shape." Especially if those claiming his "good shape" were snorting and poppin' right along with him.

Apparently, the evening before his death, Stevens and Fisher attended a party for the stars with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Pierce Brosnen and others.

Following the party Stevens and Fisher went home and watched Mrs. Miniver. It would take a lot of coke and 'contin to get through that movie. Maybe Stevens died of a propaganda overdose and that is why the media is ignoring his death.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Terri and Michael Schiavo Dead in Texas

Below is a fictional account of what may have happened to Terri and Michael Schiavo had they resided in Texas during Governor "Florence Nightmare" Bush's reign of death. This fictional account is based on the real laws of Texas, that were enacted by "Florence Nightmare" and his hand-picked fellow cheerleader, Lt. Governor, Rick "Gay" Perry. Perry automatically became Governor for his first term when Bush was installed as President in 2000.
(Highlighted events have been previously reported as fact. I do not make claims to the truth of the highlighted statements, but I have sourced them. Underlined statements are direct links to supporting articles.)

Terri and Michael Shiavo Dead in Texas

Terri Schiavo collapsed into in Texas and has been in a persistive vegetative state for ten days.

Her husband, Michael Schiavo attempted to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Michael claimed Terry collapsed because her doctor failed to diagnose her bulimia.

Terry Schiavo weighed 200 pounds in high school. She lost sixty five pounds before meeting Michael, and struggled constantly to keep her weight off.

According to friends, they suspected bulimia, as Terri would eat dinner and then retreat to the bathroom. Other claims were that Terri was persisting on liquids, drinking ten to fifteen glasses of iced tea a day for her nutrition in an attempt to lose weight.

Terri went to the doctor because she had stopped menstruating, but the doctor failed to take a complete medical history, and later Terri collapsed due to low potassium and a heart attack.

Texas tort reform laws, supported by Bush and enacted by Perry, made it impossible for Michael Schiavo to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. The maximum he could recover in non-economic damages would be $250,000 due to the new law in Texas. Attorneys told Michael it would cost that much just to file the case and prepare discovery.

Ten days later, Michael Schiavo was broke and the hospital decided to remove Terri's feeding tube. They cited the 1999 Bush law that gave institutions in Texas the rights to discontinue life sustaining treatment, even over a spouse or parent's wishes to keep their loved one alive. The hospital legally removed the feeding tube and Terri died.

Prior to her death, Terri's family members called in forensic pathologist expert, Michael Baden, to determine the true cause of Terri's collapse. Baden ordered bone scans and asserted that Terry was a victim of abuse and neglect, citing unhealed broken bones and head trauma.

Michael Schiavo was arrested and charged with attempting to kill his wife for insurance money. Because Terri died after her feeding tube was removed, Michael was charged with capital murder, convicted by a jury of his peers and sentenced to death.

Later, while Michael remained on death row, DNA tests were requested to determine if another person may have been in the home the night that Terri collapsed. Michael Schiavo consistently maintained his innocence. He could not afford experts like Baden, and Baden's testimony swayed the jury.

During his stay on death row, Michael turned to God and prayed for divine intervention. He had given up on hope and charity and relied on his faith. Despite his prayers, things looked bad for Michael.

Appeals were filed, but Bush's counsel, Alberto Gonzales, advised Bush to go ahead with the execution. Alberto Gonzales frequently advised Bush to proceed with executions, even when evidence of innocence was presented.

Michael Schiavo was executed in Texas, the 153rd person executed under Governor Bush's watch. Bush poked fun of Michaels pleas for life and mimicked him in a subsequent interview. He then flashed his "one-finger" victory salute to the cheering crowd.

Under normal circumstances, the Fourth Estate would be reporting ad nauseam, Bush's reign of death and the utter hypocrisy involved in the Shiavo case. Under current circumstances, these facts are ignored while the media focuses on the book The Purpose Driven Life.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Coalition Prepared to Unseat Bush

This is breaking news, and I found it by blogging. I discovered an "under the gaydar" organization that is positioned to unseat the Republicans, and I have obtained an exclusive, one-time only interview with the founder, SpongeBob.

Bush and SpongeBob to Square Off

An exclusive interview with SpongeBob

Karenas: SpongeBob, please state the name and the agenda of your "under the gaydar" organization.

SpongeBob: We are a subversive group called Coalition of Cartoons and our agenda is to unseat Bush.

Karenas: So far, nothing Bush does hurts him. How can a bunch of cartoon characters succeed where the Democrats have failed?

SpongeBob: Karenas, the naivete' of your question speaks volumes about you, your liberal elite media and the dumbass Democrats. I know that due to my nature, my build if you will, that I am quicker to absorb information than the average human, but the level of idiocy amongst you...I do not get it. You lefties have lost focus, that is why I am stepping in, mopping up if you will.

Karenas: SpongeBob, how can you possibly unseat Bush when he has Karl Rove?

SpongeBob: Hey, I have my own Boy Genius, Jimmy Neutron, and I must say he has a much prettier face than Bush's Boy Genius. The problem with you dumbass Democrats is that you are competing with the most transparent government in our history, and you keep looking in the wrong direction.

Karenas: SpongeBob, this is the most secretive government in history! How can you call the Bush Cabal transparent?

SpongeBob: Look, Bush's Boy genius, Rove announced years ago that the 2004 campaign would be based on a wedge issue. He named this wedge issue the gay marriage issue. It doesn't get any more transparent than that! An announcement for Christ's sake! Yet you Democrats, who I call the Special Olympics Party, (SOP) looked the other way.

Meanwhile, eleven states slipped the gay marriage wedge onto the Presidential election ballot which caused thousands of rednecks to turn out and vote. Rove was behind this and I do not know how it sneaked up and bit you in the butt.

How in the world did you not see this coming? You SOPs have screwed up too many times and that is why I formed my Coalition of Cartoons to unseat the Repugnants myself.

Karenas: How can you say we looked the other way when all signs were there that this wedge issue was history? It looked to be stalled indefinitely. It was already voted down on the floor.

SpongeBob: When Rove declares a wedge issue, you bet your bottom dollar he has a plan and will follow it through. You liberal elites should have learned years ago a wedgie never truly goes away.

Why do you think I wear square pants?

It does not matter if your undies are silk, no amount of digging will pull out that wedgie once and for all.

As a matter of fact, you liberal dummies tried to get rid of wedgies by wearing thongs. That is how dumb you elites are. You go out and buy undies that are a permanent wedgie thinking you won't have to worry about them anymore. This defies logic. How can you win if you continue to stay on the wrong side of history.

Karenas: How can you expect the Coalition of the Cartoons to gain momentum if you are so hostile to both sides?

SpongeBob: Playing nice is not an option. You see, while Rove pranced around with his openly gay agenda, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, and I have been subversive. Rove may have transfixed millions of voters on his gay agenda, we were able to actually turn millions more people queer through our coded-brainwashing techniques.

We are creating a huge coalition of new queers at a rate that Rove could only dream of. You don't believe me, ask James Dobson. Ask Fallwell. We have those guys under constant pressure.

Karenas: You have still failed to come clean. Just what are your plans, you and this Jimmy guy?

SpongeBob: Without tipping my hand, I can tell you this much. We are going to exploit the transparency of the government.

Karenas: Can you give our readers a hint?

SpongeBob: Well, I will start with a few plans we have in the works. First of all, whenever Bush has to pull out the big guns, we know he is ripe for the pickin'.

When he dragged up Karen "Bigfoot" Hughes from the swamp, we knew he was in trouble. And we have secret plans to react quickly.

The problem with you elites is your lack of history. You spend your time watching wine-sipping films like Sideways. We study the classics, and have spent a great deal of time viewing The Legend of Boggy Creek. We know how to deal with swamp monsters like Bigfoot Hughes. All you know is Pinot is in and Merlot is out.

Karenas: So that is your plan, to undermine Karen Hughes?

SpongeBob: That is just the beginning. Bush is dragging out all the evil big-ass bitches. You know he is melting down when he drags out Big Momma to endorse his plans to cover up his raiding of social security.

Karenas: First of all, if you attack the President's mother, you will make your coalition look very bad. You cannot win by attacking Babs. She is his mother!

SpongeBob: And a bad mother at that! But we are onto her, and we will ensure the public doesn't fall for her gray hair and smarmy smile. Be prepared for an "October surprise." When you see Babs wearing stripes with plaids, you will know what I am talking about.

Remember we are creating a coalition of queers, and any gay man would tell Babs she is too big to wear polka dots. Wait until they see her in horizontal stripes! Revolution is close by, you watch.

Karenas: This is really going nowhere. You are going to undermine Bush's mother and Karen Hughes. So what? Your plans are as mean and as superficial as Rush Limbaugh calling Chelsea Clinton ugly.

SpongeBob: Yeah, well we are not afraid to use techniques that have proven to work. And we are not stopping with Bigfoot and Big Momma. We have the goods on Condi, and she is the big-fish bad-ass bitch we plan to bring down.

Karenas: What goods do you have on Condi? Lies about WMDs, 9/11, that kind of thing?

SpongeBob: There you go again, dealing with the transparent issues the voters have proven do not matter. We plan to dig deeper, covering things the voters are not aware of. Have you seen the picture of Condi hugging Koni, the Sumo wrestler?

As you can see in this photo, her suit jacket has lifted up over her behind, and it appears she may have a big butt. We cannot tell if she is wearing a poorly tailored suit, or if in fact, she has a big butt. But we have sent the photos off to NASA.

Karenas: So if NASA proves that Condi has a big butt, how will this hurt her, politically?

SpongeBob: You have to go back to transparency. We know every move this administration will make, before they do. If Condi is outted as a fat ass, she will blame it on a poorly tailored suit that crumpled, giving her the appearance of a big butt. This is how Bush got away with wearing the hearing device during the debates, he blamed the tailor. She will use the same tactic.

Karenas: And your point is?

SpongeBob: Look, these guys can run around blaming the CIA for 9/11 and faulty WMD intelligence all they want. But you start the blame game with a crusty old French tailor at your mortal peril. He will be the guy that designs Big Mommas stripes-with-plaids suits, this will be a huge windfall for us.

Karenas: So far, all you have done is insult the appearance of leading Republicans. But you have failed to address issues. What issues do you and your coalition align yourselves with?

SpongeBob: I cannot say much due to our subversive nature. But we create issues and through brain-washing techniques and secret code, are able to manipulate the government.

Who do you think was behind the steroids in baseball issue? This was Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius' idea. We planned to create a crisis which would lead to a steroid crack down. If we can get rid of steroids we create more ugly people. Then, we pack the Republican party with the world's ugliest people, and pretty soon they will lose support.

Why do you think that no one cared if Jeff Gannon was a gay male prostitute? Because he is buff, that's why.

You think it is because the gay issue was a political hot potato. Wrong again. If Gannon posted flabby naked pictures on his gay escort sites the entire world would have gone after him. Good looking, buff people get away with stuff all the time. Look at OJ. Look at Robert Blake, in the old days, at least. Look at Arnie for Christ's sake.

Bush looks damned good swinging that cedar machete thing in his Calvin Klein tee. These are issues we can control very well. But the plans are mainly secret.

Karenas: I really thought your plans would have more substance. You started out talking about exposing transparency in the government and using that as a weapon. Now all you want to do is make the Republicans look ugly?

SpongeBob: Precisely my dear. We do not need to point out that Bush is a moron, he does this himself with impugnity. We do need to point out that he surrounds himself with ugly people. Group photos are in the works. This will be his downfall. Mark my words.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Do You Smell a One Party System?

I have a bad feeling about how our tax dollars are being spent by faith based initiatives.

When you read that Sun Myung Moon's operatives got a couple of million bucks to promote healthy marriage, it kinda makes you wonder.

But, if you want to cash in you can take Moon's 16 hour crash-course and be certified as a Marriage Counselor.

Rev. Lusk's People for People organization got a cool million after Lusk televised his endorsement for Bush. Does this sound fishy?

But there are much worse problems than money-grubbers clawing for a piece of your 2 billion.

Bush slashed social programs that he claimed did not prove to be effective. And the more he guts and diverts the dough to so-called faith based initiatives, the more our nation's most vulnerable have to rely on churches to provide their safety nets.

On the face of it this may not seem so bad to many. But the long-term consequences are grave.

As your tax dollars flow in the millions to Rev. Sun Myung Moon and so-called marriage counselors, government run programs will continue to be slashed. Government will save a lot of operating expenses when they discontinue running safety net programs.

However, this does not mean tax savings to you. It just means that the government has more of your money to spend on war, public relations firms, and special interests that put more dollars in their cronies' pockets.

Meanwhile, those in need will rely on the church and in turn the church will ask them to vote for the candidates that dole out the grants to them.

This is the most clever way in history to actually buy votes legally.

Do you smell a one-party system?

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